Digital vs Analogue African mind: contrast

Humans have greatly evloved from the creation, to the Era of computing… moving from pebbles to punchcards, to simple calculators, to large computerse and to smarphones today. With the introduction of digital electronics, life has seemingly been made some little easier.

In Africa, the evolution has been quite remarkable too. Today, about 6 out of 10 individuals possess either smartphones or computers. There are yet despite all these advancements, a lot of Africans who are not very involved with digital electronics (smartphones,computers, TV sets)… we wouldn’t want to say they areally left behind, but rather we’ll do a little contrast, so u can see the clear difference.

  • Communication

Digital African : Uses mobile phone for direct link with others, uses smartphones with Internet facilities to engage in instant,distant chats, saves time and cost.

Analogue African : Uses the letter writing system, transmits messages via post offices… takes Weeks for single line communication,veryou slow and costly.

  • Education

Digital African : Makes use of the Internet for research, uses computers for documentation and exercises, Uses electronics books and videos for learning.

Analogue African : Makes use of book libraries, papers and pens for learning.

  • Commerce

Digital : Employs E-commerce techniques, online marketing via the Internet, online adverts and publications, online sales and services…

Analogue : Employs door to door adverts, stationery markets sales and services.

  • Entertainment :

Digital : Is served by TV shows, radios programs, YouTube videos, video electronic games, social media…

Analogue : Is served by solitaire, pebble, tag games, parties, restaurants…

Here are just a few fields of contrast between the digital and the analogue Africans, let’s hear what u think with your comments, say what sides you are on… let the debate party begin!

Thanks Boujique Joel

3 thoughts on “Digital vs Analogue African mind: contrast”

  1. Ok nice comparism here but i think a digital African can as well be an Analogue African. For ex at the level of entertainment i watch videos, tv shows, go on social media but i equally play solitaire, go for parties and restaurants. So that contrast needs to be ressen

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