Tips to make your smart phone a little smarter

Today, our smart phones have become an integral part of our daily activities, and we most often find it very hard to be away from our phones for only 15 minutes. Here’s a list of things we gathered that you can do to your smart phones to improve on their functionality, look feel and of course make them a little smarter than they are already.

  1. ROOT : You might have heard of this before, and you’re wondering what it’s about? It’s simple, Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems. … Root access is sometimes compared to jailbreaking devices running the Apple iOS operating system. Rooting your smartphone could make it super smarter, and even make you a super user. There are several ways to do that, but we recommend the one click root app (kingo root) which could be gotten from the play store or appstore. ATTENTION though, this could be sometimes dangerous, so take your time and do your inquiries.
  2. FLASH : A rooted phone would be easier to flash. Installing or replacing a custom Rom, or upgrading your Custom Rom, is what is generally termed flashing. Flashing your phone gives it an awesome new look, new feel and new functionalities, and consequently, making your smart phone a little smarter. So go on , check “how to flash a custom rom” online and have a taste of it.
  3. FACTORY RESET : This is another interesting technique to keep your phone a little quicker and smarter when it starts getting overloaded. FACTORY RESET simply reinstates your phone to the form it had from the manufacturer. This may sound funny, but it’s a really great thing to do to a slow, creepy ageing smartphone, to set it up completely a fresh.

It’s simple, just turn of your phone, hold the power button along with the upper or lower volume button simultaneously. It gives you access to a reset screen

4. LAUNCHER: Another way to give your smartphone a new spell of functionalities and make your Android experience a little more fun is to download a launcher from the play store or where ever. Different Launchers come with different chunks and barrows of smartness, so go ahead and get yourself a new launcher. You could try the CM LAUNCHERS.

5. INCREASE YOUR RAM : Apps such as Ram expander, could help you extract memory from your SD cards or external storage into your RAM. This would make your smart phone a lot faster, enable you do a lot more with your smart phone. So go check out RAM expander

6. INCREASE YOUR ROM: Similarly as the above tip, you could also do something about your ROM. ROM MANAGER APP has got you covered. Get it from the play store or apple app store, and try it out. It has the ability the improve on your ROM use and size. This could certainly make your smartphones a little smarter.

So…what are u waiting for???😯😯 Go try these tips, anyone of which you prefer. Why not even try all, imagine the smartness of your phone after that??😎😎😎. Hope you find these tips interesting, let’s know what you think, if they worked out for you,… in the comments below, and don’t forget to bless us with your subscription.


Boujique Joel

2 thoughts on “Tips to make your smart phone a little smarter”

  1. Very useful and interesting tips there thanks alot.
    But i have a slight concern. After you’ve increased your RAM size with your SD card, when you take out the SD card, will the RAM still be physically increased.
    what I’m saying is., does this app physically extract memory from your SD card to your phones RAM
    Thanks for your prompt reply.


    1. Well interesting question, RAM EXPANDER only creates a virtual memory from your SD card which helps to increase the speed and size of your RAM. once your SD CARD is extracted, this memory didappears. You should try downloading the app and investigating for better clarifications. Thanks very much


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