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Africa’s first Medical Tablet: Invented by a Cameroonian.

In a country with over 22 million inhabitants, and only about 50 medical cardiologists, Cameroonian patriot found this disturbing, and went to solve this problem by creating what is believed to be Africa’s first ever Medical tablet (cardiopad).

This device allows healthcare workers in rural areas to perform cardiac tests and send results to specialists via mobile phone connection. The Cardiopad is a tablet computer that takes a reading and sends it to a heart specialist. It allows health workers to give heart examinations and send the results to heart specialists far away. This Innovation not only makes response to cardiac issues quick and effective, it also saves many lives.

The Cameroonian international, born in Mbankono on the 26th of November 1987, obtained a BSC In computer sciences in the university of Yaounde 1 (2004 – 2007). He two years later did a master’s at the National Advanced School of Engineering of Yaoundé. In 2009, Zang (who was looking to apply his knowledge in developing medical solutions) met a cardiologist who outlined the challenge of addressing the needs of rural patients requiring cardiac examinations.

CEO of HORTIMORE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT, inventing the Cardiopad in 2014, and receiving an African price for Engineering innovation in 2016. Arthur Zang just won a £25,000 ($37,000) prize for his device that does heart examinations. This was awarded by the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering at a ceremony in the Tanzanian city of Dar es Salaam. As of now, Cardiopads are distributed to hospitals and clinics in Cameroon free of charge, and patients pay $29 (£20) yearly subscriptions.

What a great barrow of inspiration from the life changing Cameroonian inventor, Arthur Zang. The Tomorrow of Africa is brighter with this much creativity invested in it today .

Thanks for reading.

By Boujique Joel .

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