Hey guys thanks for logging on to our blog once again. Today, we will be talking about how mobile phones have aided us in our local communities in Africa. Today, Mobile phones are no longer a luxury as it was the case a decade ago. They are more of a necessity nowadays and as the digital world keeps evolving, these small devices get cheaper and millions of users add to the line everyday in Africa and the world at large. We spent a lot of or time on our mobiles these days but yet, we are probably still missing some fascinating features and uses of these devices. Today, we will be listing a few of those uses you probably don’t know yet or you know but are not exploiting yet. You can get to us in the comments section below. So let’s get started.
1. Banking: Transfer of money is a lot easier today and with the coming of mobile money services, once you have money in your account, you don’t need to go out to send money to someone as you can remotely do the transaction via your phone. This is a cheap and reliable method and you don’t need internet connection when using mobile money so what are you waiting for? Go on and create an account for yourself now.

mobile in banking

2. Education: Online study is now a reality. You can register in schools abroad, sit in your room and study. Interesting isn’t it? Also, you can find just about everything on the internet so assignments are no longer a nightmare as they used to be.

mobile in education

3. Business: Business has been made easier as you can now sit in your house, order a dress or shoe from wherever you want, make your payments online and your goods will be delivered right at your doorstep. Online like Jumia, Amazon, Ebay etc are specialist in this and their markets keep increasing daily. Don’t forget you can buy your textbooks online. Once payment is made, you can download it in soft copy. Also, for young entrepreneurs, you can create a website for yourself to expand your business to all parts of the world.mobile in business

4. Entertainment: Okay, all of us know about this. Social media, video chats, video games, dictionaries, movies, etc entertainment has gone to another level thanks to the internet and mobile phones.mobile in entertainment

5. Health: Our last article was about the cardiopad used to control heart diseases in rural areas where the specialist isn’t around. A simple SMS is all what Ghanian student Bright Simons needed for his plan to tackle fake medicines in African countries. Now with mobile phones, we can get to health care providers anywhere across the country.mobile in health

6. Travelling: Buying of bus tickets now is no longer a nightmare as you can buy your ticket from your home. All you need is a mobile phone and internet connection, then your bank or mobile money account. Here in Cameroon, you can easily book an amour mezam bus ticket for example without having to go to the agency.mobile in travelling

7. Tackling Natural Disasters: Which inhabitant of the Northwest Region of Cameroon can forget this day19th may 2018 when rumours of an explosion in lake Awing sparked a palm oil drinking conundrum. In no time, the news went through every part of the region thanks to SMS and phone calls. That is just an example of how disasters can be controlled and people can be well informed.
8. Security: Mobile money services becoming more common, you can pay your school fees at home, do large shopping without having to move with large sums of money with you. That ensures more safety.

9. Communication: We can now reach family members and friends all over the world by making just a phone call or an sms.

There are many other ways wich we have not given here such as the phones role in agriculture, activism, and all that. We will gladly welcome your suggestions and questions in the comments section below.
So what are you waiting for? Start exploiting all the benefits of your mobile phone while it lasts since these devices are fragile and tend not to last for too long.
Thanks for your time.

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