root deviceWith millions of phone users now, there is need for more and more android apps on the internet. There is an urge to have as many useful apps on your phone as possible. But like other devices, these mobile phones get overloaded and can get so slow which is pretty annoying. Rooting is a process by which you gain some administrator and developer rights to your phone (Super User) so you can do so many cool stuff on your device which we will be listing below. If you need your device rooted, your inquiries will be highly welcomed in the comments section.

NOTE: Rooting voids your phone’s warranty and you can have your device bricked permanently, so seek advice from an expert before going forward. Though this is not likely to happen, just know you are taking a risk.


  1. Backup And Restore:

Rooting your phone enables it to run some really cool apps like Titanium backup with which you can use to do a complete backup and restore of your phone’s application and data so you will be able to recover them even if you accidentally delete them.

titanium backup

  1. Transferring apps to your SD card:

Mobiles apps such as link2SD or app2SD gives you the privilege to transfer some of your installed applications from your phone memory to your memory card. This allows more space in the phones memory to install other apps.


  1. Delete System Apps: Our android devices usually come with some pre installed system applications. These apps could be bulky hence reducing our much needed phone memory. The above applications can help completely uninstall or freeze some of those applications thereby giving your phone a new look. That way, you can completely get rid of the message “Storage space is running out”
  2. Creating New System apps: Using link2SD, which you can download from Google play store, you can easily convert some of your installed apps to a system app so even if you reset the phone, the new system app will not be uninstalled.Screenshot_2018-10-05-14-13-12
  3. Installing Custom ROM: Android release upgrades almost on a daily basis, so there is a need for your phone to be at the best level possible. With some phones, you can easily upgrade the android firmware version from your settings but when that is not the case, you will need to download custom ROM. So your android device may originally come with an android version of 2.3.3 but you can easily download a custom ROM and upgrade the phone to maybe android version 4.4 or any version you wish to.Screenshot_2018-10-05-14-09-52
  4. Extra Features:
  • Ad blocking: stopping unwanted ads that pop up when maybe playing a video game or maybe just browsing the net.
  • Installing Incompatible apps: You can easily get android updates before the phone manufacturer even releases.
  • Greater Speed and battery life: Apps like greenify can terminate useless applications automatically thereby improving performance and keeps battery because there are no background apps (rooting not necessarily recquired).
  • Access to root files
  • CPU Clocking you have direct access to your CPU functioning and can adjust things to your liking but if you don’t know what you are doing, don’t alter any settings here.Screenshot_2018-10-05-14-37-21
  • More Tweaking.Screenshot_2018-10-05-14-37-28

Now you’ve seen this article, make sure your answer to the following questions is ‘yes’ before proceeding to root.

  1. Have you made a backup of your entire device?
  2. Are you ready to take all the consequences in order to enjoy the benefits?
  3. Do u know all insight knowledge of your phone before proceeding?

Enjoy all amazing features of this device you bought thanks for reading…

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