Safety vital phone tips and hacks everyone should know!

Ever dropped your phone in water, and you’re wondering how to remedy the situation?.. We are usually so much into  our phones that we barely can survive without them. Yet It’s always so difficult to keep them safe, especially with smartphones. As we all know, preventing a problem is always better than solving that problem. Here’s a list of amazing prevention tips you can use for your phones to keep them a little more safe.


1 . Ever drop your phone in water? before it gets any worse, quickly drop it in a bag of rice. It will actually extract all the water to avoid any damage.

2. Never use your phone while it’s on charge, this is just the reason why USB cables for smartphones are so short. Using your phone while it’s charging more than just damages the battery, guess you don’t want to do that right?.

3. Charging your phone while its on airplane mode actually enables it to charge a little faster, that way you don’t to use the phone while it’s on charge, and this helps to preserve your phone’s battery.







4. Buy a case and screen protector : These will take care of your phone by preventing it from being subject to knocks and scratches. This helps to keep the phone’s appearance longer and may also protect it from some internal damage should you accidentally knock or drop the phone. Believe me i wish i had taken this point a little more seriously before now, wouldn’t have had my tab A6’s screen completely shattered today. So, its a personal advice to take this a little more seriously.

screen protector.jpgcracked screen





5. Do not keep your phone stored in a purse or other closed container for extended periods of time unless it is powered off. Charging a mobile phone in a closed container is a potential fire hazard and may shorten its lifespan. Li-ion batteries (typical for most phones) give off heat when charged and when discharging. Wiki

6. Always use genuine chargers and accessories : Cheaper ones that are not compatible or made for going with your brand of phone can harm the phone or lessen its lifespan. Wiki

7.Clean your phone regularly : Use dry tissue paper or alcohol wipes to clean the phone’s exterior surfaces. Do not use water, baby wipes, or other cleaners that may inadvertently add moisture to your phone.

8. Anti theft : Use theft shutdown software. Depending on your phone brand, you can shut down the phone if it is stolen. Activate this in case you lose your phone or it is stolen.

phone theft

      Hope this was helpful to you, if it was just let us know with your comments; and always feel free to pose your problems if you have any in the comments section below. We’ll be pleased to hear from you.

Boujique Joel

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