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Is the Social Media more of solution or a distraction to students and their studies?

The chair, Members of the jury, it is quite an interesting topic we have here, and obviously I stand for “social media is more of a solution than of a distraction” to students and their studies.  It is important to first of all decrypt this myth which is the social media, by defining it in very explicit terms.

           What is social Media? : Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. These existing platforms include: Telegram, Facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, whatsapp, imo, LinkedIn, palmchat, etc… Image result for social media

The social media has the following the advantages to the students and their studies;

  • Collaborative studies: Collaboration amongst students in education of prior importance to their studies, and they research shows that students tend to learn better from one another than from the teacher. Thanks to Social media groups such as whatsapp groups, telegram groups… students happen to find themselves together digitally, though maybe miles away from each other. As such, students can interact better, share their ideas and worries and help each other learn better through the video, audio and text functionalities that these platforms offer.

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  • Distant (Online) learning: Learning online has been greatly facilitated by the existence and use of social media platforms, as instructors (teachers) can always keep in touch and monitor the progress of their students through social media groups and forums. In addition, notes and other information can be passed by the instructors to the students through the various social media platforms, and students can always respond with their worries, difficulties, discoveries, etc… Videos, audios and writings are also responsible for making learning on social media a joy.
  • Informative : social media platforms if used for what they are meant to be can help serve as vital information and communication units for both students and non students, as schools and other likely organizations can use these platforms to spread(pass) authentic, vital or even emergency information to their students and other staff. Communication and information sharing being a very important asset in the educational sector, social media platforms simply make life as a student or school administrator a lot easier. Nowadays, authentic information passed on social media reaches the intended audience almost the entirely and in no time. Thanks to the social media, today students can stay informed 24/7, and at all places.

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  • Student opportunities: The help of the social media and its varied functionality, students can easily gain access to job opportunities, internship opportunities, scholarship opportunities etc… The social media not only exposes students today to these numerous amazing opportunities, it also permits the students to apply for them. On social media, opportunity provider can easily reach out to the student community, and can equally monitor the students for talent detection etc… Thanks to the social media, today people can have information about such opportunities anytime and anywhere with the greatest possible ease.

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Summarily, the social media has brought a lot positively into the lives of students, making studies a joy. So to me, Social media has done so much to facilitate studies for students, and has provided solutions to so many pertinent problems facing students today.  So friends rather than just “liking” and “following” there’s much more you can harness from the social media; But pls don’t forget to “comment” and “like” and “share” this lovely article.

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The chair, members of jury, I rest my case.

Boujique Joel

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