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Where’s my phone?😧missing?😦 lets find it😎

Have you lost your phone? Or do u at least want to make sure you can find it in case its missing? If yes, then we’re happy to be of help. Today thanks to Google’s technology tools you can find your missing or stolen phone at absolutely no cost. This can be done by tracking your device’s exact location, that way you go for it wherever or with whoever it may be.
* The simplest option is to directly use the Google search engine, using the “where’s my phone” search phrase. All you should do is to type the above phrase in your browser; then Google displays a map, showing the exact location of your device at that particular instant. This means that you’re able to locate any registered android device from the search results. For this to be effective;
* Your device needs to be ON, connected to the internet and with your Google account


* A more efficient way would be to download the Google’s “Find My Device” app tool on the Playstore or appstore. Here you have more options including ringing the phone, locking the phone or erasing all the data on it amongst others.

* In case your lost phone is OFF at that instant, The “Google Location History (Timeline)” method would be preferential. All you are required to do is:


#  Turn on location history in the Google services setting


#  Open Google maps, tap the drop down button on the top left corner and select “time lime”.


Now you can use the location history data to identify the last recorded location. This should help tell you all the places your lost phone has been to.

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