How to conserve your mbs

A friend of mine once asked me, “each time I activate an internet bundle, my mbs get exhausted unusually too quick, what can I do to solve this problem?” Let’s look at a few tips we can apply to reduce the rate of data usage by our mobile phones and better conserve your mbs.
Tip 1
Restricting background data usage

There are apps that can download data in the background i.e. when you’re not using them. Restricting background data can help reduce your data expense. Here’s how you can do it;

– open device settings app, tap ‘Data usage’,
– Tap the drop down button at the top right section of the screen and
– Tick “Restrict background data”.

Tip 2
Another method would be to restrict
background data usage for each app
– open device settings app, tap ‘Data usage’
– scroll down to the app listing, tap on each app,
– turn on “Restrict background data”
Tip 3
Turn off auto-sync

You can use less data by turning off auto-sync, as this will prevent your Google apps from refreshing automatically. You can turn auto-sync off or on as follows;
– open device settings app
– scroll down to “accounts”
– open accounts setting and tap on auto-sync at the top of the screen

Follow these tips and let’s see how they work for you.
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