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Watch Free Movies online on your mobile phone. No data Charges

Purchase 99,999 Movies for Only a 100FCFA (0.17 USD) On Yabadoo

Hey there, it’s quarantine… but that’s no news. So how are you spending your days; Movies, social media, YouTube…? All these require some huge data charges right? Well In this article, I’m so excited to share with you one of the interesting ways I spend my days, watching movies and TV channels online on my mobile device with very little cost and absolutely No data charges. Sounds too good to be true? Wait till you try…

So, all you need is a mobile device, internet connectivity and most importantly, an MTN sim card. Then you can search and download the app “Yabadoo” on the google Playstore or the app store. Once you’ve installed the app on your android or iphone, open it and let’s start watching movies.


 To get movies to watch on your mobile phone, touch the movies tab. You will find an unlimited array of African, American, Asian movies; from drama to comedy to horror and even to animations. To watch a movie or animation, simply select the movie and touch the “play” button to launch the purchase. Now you’re offered an unbelievable package of 99,999 movies for ONLY 100FCFA. Touch the “buy 100 FCFA” button to complete your purchase. In order to pay for a purchase, you need to have the equivalent amount of airtime on your MTN sim card. You’ve just purchased over 90000 free movies for yourself. With such a purchase, you can watch as many free movies on your mobile phone, with absolutely No data charges. That I can assure you.

99,999 Movies for 100FCFA

NB: You have just 24 hours, but who cares? Just watch, and have fun!!!

On Yabadoo’s very first page, we find a number of TV channel bundles which you can subscribe to by simply

Subscriptions vary between 150FCFA for a day and 1800FCFA for a monthly subscription. Once you’ve subscribed to a channel bundle, you have unlimited access to all the channels of that bundle for the chosen period of time; while consuming 0 MBs of your mobile data. Amazing right? What are you waiting for?

Please do well to tell us how it went for you, what you think of it… There’s a comment section for that. Do not forget to like this article and share it. Thanks


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