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Monitor your Phone’s data usage with a Mobile data usage widget

Widgets are one useful feature of mobile phones that most average users fail to make use of. Many widgets are very helpful, as they can provide users with some really sensitive and important information. Widgets that are currently in use will be found on the home screen of the device, displaying that very valuable information. Different devices have different ways of accessing available widgets. For many devices however, widgets can be found by simply; long pressing an empty space on the screen, choose “widgets” and then swipe to find your desired widget.

To activate a widget

long press on the widget icon, and place it on a desired position on the screen.

How to find and add a widget
Add Widget

One very useful mobile data usage widget is the

“Data counter widget”

This is an internet usage monitor, which keeps track of data usage for mobile devices. It provides users with all the necessary daily, weekly and monthly stats on mobile data usage and Wi-Fi data usage by their devices; and on app usage i.e. what apps use the most data as well. So, the data counter widget informs users on who’s using what quantity of their mobile data. This widget also serves as app to track phone usage and to check data usage for any device connected to a Wi-Fi network. With this information, users can better manage their data consumption rate, to reduce/minimize mobile data expenses; another way to save money during quarantine. To get the widget, GOTO the playstoreor the appstore. Type in “Data Counter Widget”, download and install the data usage app. Once installed, follow the above procedure to activate the widget. You can tap on the widget from the home screen to view detailed data usage stats about your device.

how to download data counter widget from the playstore
download the widget
Sample stats from the data counter widget app
statistics display from widget

Some of the best widgets for mobile devices include; weather widget, clock widget, battery widget Reborn, Musicolet, Calendar Widget etc… You can check out these widgets yourself, after you’ve tried the data counter of course. Meanwhile, more articles will be coming up on the other widgets.

Weather and Data counter Widgets in display
Weather and Data counter Widgets in display

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