Find the current location of any mobile phone using a simple WhatSapp message. Very easy!!!

In this article, I’ll be walking you through a quick step-by-step guide on how to use a simple whatsapp message to get the current location of any cell phone. Imagine chatting with a friend or client on whatsapp, and you request for their location; they could easily give you a location which is false. There are obviously a lot of reasons why someone would lie about their current location. There are also a good number of reasons why you would want to know the exact location of the person you’re chatting with. Well, if you really want to verify this person’s actual/current location yourself, you can do it with this simple guide. its easy and its very free.

You should watch the following video,

The first thing you must have is the victim’s whatsapp number, this way you can send them a message. The idea is; you want to send to this person, the link to some image/content online which they could be interested in. So, you can google search on anything that could be of interest to this person. For example, if they’re interested in GCE questions, you can type that into your google search bar or click on Past GCE Question Papers and Solutions. Get Access on your mobile device.

On google’s home page, go to images. Select an image, and then copy the link to this image. Here’s how you can copy the link to an image from google;

Next, head over to the google playstore and download the following apps; iplogger and IP location. Here’s how to download an app from the google playstore;

Download IP Location
Download IP Logger

Open the iplogger app, tap on the + button to create a new logger. Select Image/URL. Now paste the link your had copied into the image URL text field. Click on the create button. You’ve just created a new link, copy that link and send to your target. Note: You’re sending this link to your target as a whatsapp message. It is with this message that you will be able to collect information about the target’s location.

Create a logger

Your target simply needs to click on the link. This opens up a google page with an image that they’re much interested in. As such, they do not suspect any thing fichy going on. Meanwhile, they just fell into your trap. Hold on, we’re not done yet;

The final thing to do is; return to iplogger, On the find statistics page, you find an IP address. What is an IP address? This is the IP address of your victim, copy this address. Open the iplocation app, paste the ip address you just copied to the ip address text field. Wait for a while, the app attempts to obtain the current location of the IP address you just provided.

Finding the IP address

Lookup IP Location

After the little wait, every relevant detail about your target’s current location is listed for you on the app’s current page. There you go, now you know the true, current location of that dishonest friend or client you were chatting with.

IP Location details

You can also check this article Where’s my phone?😧missing?😦 lets find it😎 . Here’s another method that you can use to get the location of a mobile phone.


In this article you’ve learnt step-by-step, how you can use a simple whatsapp message plus two free apps (iplogger and iplocation) to track the current location of any mobile phone. This method is quick, easy and also very free. I hope this was helpful, if so let me know in the comment section at the buttom of this page. What do you think of this tip?Are you going to try this it?, Did it work for you?, Are there any other methods or tips that you think could be helpful? please feel free to tell me all about it in the comments below. Thank you.

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