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Looking for a job? 5 reasons why you should Absolutely try Njorku

So you’ve been searching for jobs online, and you’ve never really found the ideal app that works for you. Discover Njorku, a web based employment and hotel services company launched in late March 2011. Founded by one of Cameroon’s tech leaders, Churchill Mambe, product of the Silicon Mountain, Cameroon.. The web app is a successful search engine for jobs in Africa. I totally agree with you, if you think that is kind of the “Google” for African jobs, as many would say. With Njorku’s app, you can find the latest African jobs, vacancies and career opportunities with just a single click. There are a definitely a number of Job search engines in Africa that do quite well, but do not meet the expectations of many users. Reason why in this article, we’ll discuss 5 reasons why every job seeker or provider on the continent should absolutely try Njorku. You will discover incredible features of the app that i guarantee you’ve never seen before in a job seach engine app. You might just find that glaring feature that you’ve been missing with other job search engines. Even if you’re a novice to job search, this article could change your life.

  1. Njorku is Africa’s largest Job search engine
Njorku, Africa’s biggest job search engine

Njorku hit over 600,000+ users signed in accross Africa, crossing the 1000+daily unique users mark by 2012. Difficult to lay hands on their current stats, but the app has been tipped as being Africa’s biggest search engine by some of Africa’s tech pundits. In 2019, Standard Bank group said in a tweet ; ” with no computer and no internet, Churchill Nanje started Njorku, Africa’s first job search engine. After empowering millions of Africans with jobs, its easy to see why Africa is #AfricaIsmore… ” in March 2019, jeunessedumboa also tweeted: “Do you know Njorku… <<one of the largest employment search platforms in Africa>>…”. This speaks of the that scinitillating quality of the services they offer, and the satisfaction that users get from using this platform. Njorku is also ranked amongst the top 20 African startups by forbes magazine. If the Njorku web app is the platform everyone’s using to land their dream job, why not you?

2. Get ideal Job alerts corresponding to your profile

Finding the job that suits you, on Njorku
Finding the job that suits you, on Njorku

In subsaharan Africa, over 70 percent of people are in vulnerable employment against the global average of 46.3 per cent, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO). This number, along with many valuable statistics from the above source reveals that so many Africans are in job positions they “hate”. This may or may not be as a result of the lack of information on jobs, but really tackles the issue to a great extent. The Alerts feature offers you (a user) the opportunity to set email and sms alerts at, to get notified when jobs of the specifications and preferences are advertised. Njorku handles the task and sends you an email or sms alert, notifying you of available jobs. You (the user) in this situation is called a canditate. This way Njorku does the job searching for you while you focus on building your skills or watching a movie on yabadoo.

3. Let the Jobs find you, Get chased by jobs

Finding a job on Njorku, from the comfort of your home
Finding a job on Njorku, from the comfort of your home

With the Njorku web app, you can also let jobs/employers find you. This is what as a job seeker, you might not see else where. Two features of the Njorku package account for this, according to; the Njorku Candidate platform and the Njorku employer platform;

The Candidate platform, lets you (user) create a profile, upload your CV and other relevant information. This information is pushed to employers to access and return to them with feedback. It’s as simple as this; upload your CV and get chased by jobs. With the Njorku candidate web service, you/users are asked to send your email and work specialities or jobs of interet, even by SMS or whatsapp to the following number: +237 653 308 239. For example, ” sales marketing, accounting, oil and gas, telecom, …”. This is really amazing, you should totally try this number today. “… relax, and the jobs will chase you” a post from Njorku’s facebook page read.

The Employer platform, which offers companies, employers and recruiters tools to help them find the best candidates in Africa or willing to work in Africa. “Employers register, we review and approve their accounts for security purposes and they can then use our tools to find their candidates “, Churchill Nange said in an interview with Milcah Lukhanyu . So no doubts, you can actually be watching a movie on yabadoo and then boom, Alert!!! ” Your dream job just found you”. Incredible right? If you’re not jumping on to right after reading this, then this article must be really interesting.

4. It’s 100% made in Africa, for Africa

Njorku, the future of African jobs. Illustrating computer literacy in Africa with African students

As aforementioned, is one of the proud products of Cameroon’s silicon mountain, Buea. Silicon Mountain Husler. This makes the app authenitic, and sensitive to the African job society. This is important because it implies an accurate understanding of the context and complexity of the African Job market; it’s ups and downs. Njorku definitely knows what we African job seekers through, and is already solving most of our problems. In the same interview mentioned before, the CEO of Njorku says “… we are trying to see how we can help an Africa job seeker that doesn’t even know how to use computers or phone get a job via njorku”. This is the reality of African community. Studies reveal a relatively high computer illiteracy rate in African countires, compared to developed countries. Njorku therefore envisages to provides its services even to “computer illiterates” in Africa. One more amazing reason why Njorku should be your favorite place for job search.

5. It’s totally free

Yes you read that right, Njorku is completely free! for now atleast. Churchill had this to say in the before mentioned interview: “… right now all our employer tools are free but overtime some of them will be premium”. While many other search engine apps coarse you into paying a “token” fee to access their services, Njorku is taking nothing from you. This probably explains why revenue generated from user subscriptions, advertisements, HR companies and organizations wasn’t enough to make the company profitable by 2012, according to Africa’s Best Tech Startups: Well for you and I the job seekers, Njorku is still totally free today. So you can either find jobs, or let jobs find you at absolutely no cost with Njorku’s web app. They should soon be looking to launch their mobile app.

Njorku means elephant, in the native language of the CEO. Njorku, the elephant of the silicon mountain
Njorku, the elephant of the silicon mountain

Wondering what the word “njorku” acually means? Elephant, that’s what Churchill Nanje said in his interview with Milcah Lukhanyu of techmoran. To find out more about Africa’s tech leaders, read this article on Top 10 Africa’s leading youths in technology .

Did you find this article helpful? are you going to jump into the Njorku community straight away? or do you still have some sceptics? Please share this article with your friends on social media, you can do this by scrolling down to the buttom of this page and using the share button. Also feel free to share your throughts in the comments, at the buttom of this page.

Thanks for reading, Boujique Lah.

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