The best 5 radio mobile apps just for you

Do you still listen to the radio, or is it too “old fashioned” for you? Well if you do, can i ask if you still use a mini radio receiver or a radio mobile app? If you’re thinking that a radio receiver is a little “old school”, a lot of people agree with you. Here’s something for you, did you know that at least 75% of households in developing countries have access to a radio receiver? I also have one at home too, that I use to listen to my favorite radio channels. In the 1930s, the radio was the order of the day. It was the main source of information and entertainment. This is not necessarily the story today; along with radios, mobile phones are one of the most accessible forms of technology, covering over 70% of the world’s population ( You can read about the history of the radio here.

If you’re a staunch radio listener like myself or my dad, this article is absolutely for you, I’ll uncover some must-have radio mobile apps for you. Even if you’re the person who reads the radio only when you’re expecting GCE results (which are just around the corner), or job offers, you should definitely read this article to the end. I’m about to take you right into the fascinating world of the best radio mobile apps. If your listening to the radio for job alerts, here also how you can find a job. Now might just be the right time for you head-on to the playstore and transform your phone into a radio.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best available radio mobile apps on the app market. My classification is simply based on the number of downloads from the Google play store, editor’s choices, app reviews, feedback gotten from a few interviewed users, and finally my personal experience with these mobile apps. I’ve actually taken out time to assess a number of these mobile apps with my own little reconnaissance as a radio fan and app user. Here’s my top 5 list of radio mobile apps.

best 5 apps for radio on mobile phone. radio mobile app for android device.
radio mobile app for android device
  1. TuneIn Radio
Cover art
TuneIn Radio, best 5 mobile radio apps

With 100 million+ downloads on Google Play Store, TuneIn is definitely the radio app choice of the people. The radio app boasts of a 4.5 rating, from over 1 milllion reviews. TuneIn also happens to be the editor’s choice for radio apps. The app allows you to browse through a number of content/channel categories; including music, sports, podcasts, news, etc… With TuneIn, you do not need an earpiece as an antenna, as it makes use of your phone’s in built radio support hardware. You can download the app here.

Enjoyable Features include

  • A “favorites” library, where you can add your favorite radio channels and podcasts to facilitate you access to them in the future
  • A “downloads” library, which allows you to download your prefered podcasts for offline listening. To make use of this feature, simply click on the download icon next to your favorite podcasts.
  • A search field for you to easily search and find your favorite channels
  • Support for channels in many different sectors, in many different countries
  • An advanced recommendation feature that suggests popular Stations in your area.

TuneIn is amazing for radio on mobile, but it is only free for a 30 day trial period. After which, some little “chip in” is expected from you. You should know that TuneIn is dependent on your mobile network, except for downloaded offline content. So, if your a radio fan with a relatively stable internet connectivity, you should absolutely “tune i” to TuneIn.

2. Radio FM

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Radio FM, best 5 mobile radio apps

Radio FM is an online radio mobile app with over 50 million downloads on the Google PlayStore. So far, the radio app has earned a rating of 4.6, counting over 645 thousand reviews. Radio FM is totally free, and the quality of the radio signals is impeccable; when you have a stable internet connection. Have no fear, the radio app doesn’t use up your data bundle.

Amazing features

  • Supports of a large host of radio stations from almost all the countries in the world. Browse through the “countries”, to find what radio stations are available in your country.
  • Radio FM gives you the opportunity to browse through a long list of station genres, including; Music, News, Christian, Adult, etc…
  • A language classification system that allows you to find and listen to radio stations in your preferred languages, or a language you’re trying to learn
  • A recommendation system that suggests radio stations for you, based on your location

Head to the playstore to download Radio FM now, or simply download the app here.

3. Simple Radio

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Simple Radio, best 5 mobile radio apps

Simple Radio is a Free Music, News and Sports Radio Tuner app with 10 million+ downloads on the playstore. The app’s earned a 4.5 rating, from over 363 thousand reviews. The app is tagged “as simple as it gets”, because of it’s remarkable ease of use.


  • Discover new radio stations
  • Get access to over 45,000 radio stations, from Africal and everywhere in the world
  • Recommendation system that suggests the radio stations around you
  • A Favorites Library for you to add your favorite radio stations

Download Simple radio mobile app here today to enjoy the simplicity that goes with listening to the radio. Simple radio is completely free, doesn’t require any earpiece (antenna), but is dependent on your internet connectivity.


Cover art, best 5 mobile radio apps

All radio stations and podcasts in one app! is the radio player on the android devices of 10 million plus users. The app has secured a 4.5 rating on the Google playStore, from over 159 thousand reviews. On, find your favorite stations and another 30,000 from around the world. Discover and listen to your favorite podcasts.

Scintillating Features

  • An awesome classification and arrangement of recommended stations, all radio stations and podcasts. You can searc for stations, podcasts and songs
  • The “Local stations” feature identifies and recommends radio stations from around you
  • Trending podcasts suggested for you
  • A Favorites stations library, to help you keep track of your favorite radio stations and podcasts
  • A “top 100 on” list, the best and most listented radio stations classified just for you
  • Discover trending “Topics” such as; News, Culture, sports, Politics, Religion, etc… Discover music “genres” such as; Pop, Jazz, classical, Rock, country etc…
  • Discover radio stations based on countries, cities and languages
  • Mobile data saving options

All these and more on, for FREE. also allows you to the join the beta user community, where you can try out new features before they are officially released. Now’s the time to suspend your reading, GO to the PlayStore and download the free version of this app, or simply download it here.

5. Radio World

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Radio world, best 5 mobile radio apps

Radio world is a free radio mobile app to listen to your favorite radio stations, selection of the best radio in the world. Enjoy live content, Music, sports, news and others, all in one place. Radio World offers you more thatn 100,000 radio stations around the world, including Cameroon stations such as; 247Kmer, Balla radio, etc… This radio app boasts of over 1 million downloads, and a 4.2 rating from about 8 thousand reviews.


  • Smart Search
  • Favorites list
  • Fast and innovative Radio Player
  • Continuous updae

You can download Radio world here, to enjoy listening to some of your favorite radio stations around the world.

That’s it for my top 5 list. I’ve personally tried all these apps, and i can confess to an awesome experience. I hope that this article and these apps will effectively change your mind on listening to the radio. The goal of this article is to reignite that thirst for listening to the radio in you, by introducing you to some of these amazing radio mobile apps. If you’re already familiar with some these apps, please share your experience of them with us. If you’re new to them, i’m sure after readiing this article you must have downloaded one or a few. Whatever you do, keep listening to the radio, there’s a lot there for you. The comment section is at the bottom of this page, scroll down.

If you found this piece enriching, please share this article with your friends on social media. You can use the share buttons at the very bottom of this page. Our objective is to make everyone enthusiastic about using mobile apps. If there’s a problem, there’s probaby an app for that. I’m here to find that solution for you. Subscribe to my blog, to keep reading my articles. Thank you reading this, see in the next piece.

Boujique Lah Joel

7 thoughts on “The best 5 radio mobile apps just for you”

  1. If there was a star rating for this post I’ll give 5/5, So detailed but explicit. I’m a fan of The radio my self but unfortunately my mobile phone doesn’t come with a default local radio app. So I am forced to listen to the radio using web browsers. It’s informative but no where as good as these apps you’ve just mentioned. As apps generally have easier accessibility and very useful features. I can’t wait to try them out, from your blog and the stats, my favourite Radio FM. I thank you for this. Can’t wait to see what the next blog’s gonna be about.

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