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How to get health care from home, with health apps

Not feeling too well, why not visit the “waspito” today? What do you do when you’re sick? I hope the anwer is “go to the hospital”. Many times, you have to wait for long hours in a crowdy waiting room, only to meet an exhausted doctor. Then you get prescriptions that’ll need you move round to find pharmacies to purchase the drugs. Not forgetting the long drive from your home or village to get to these hospitals. What about health apps, Have you ever thought about using health apps by apple or for android? That’s the essence of this article, I’ll bring some of the best home made health apps to the lamp light. Before we dive into exploring these health apps ‘best’, let’s look at a few crazy facts about the health care and mobile app situation in Africa.

Now imagine you’re really sick, say Malaria, typhoid or dysentry. Yet you live in a City like Bamenda, where circulation is as difficult as finding toilets in India; Or in Douala, where traffic is more horrible than air pollution in China. It becomes so hard to get to a doctor in time, to have your health problems solved. So even though health is priority; on a “lockdown”, that malaria has to wait!. If you’re also able to visit a hospital on a “Monday”, good for you. Some of us have to find a temporal alternative for health care; health apps.

Healthcare Mobile Application Development | Technosoft Solutions
Mobile health apps best

Do you ever think about those people who have extremely difficult access to hospitals/health care centres, people in remote areas for example? Did you know that “access” is still the greatest challenge to health care delivery in Africa?. Fewer than 50% of Africans have access to modern health facilities.(Stanford Business). You can read more about health care in Africa, here. Even with the scarcity of health care services in Africa, disease and ill health is still as superabundant as the floods in Douala.

Here’s one more interesting stat for you; The World Bank and African Development Bank report there are 650 million mobile phone users in Africa, surpassing the number in the United States or Europe. In some African countries more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean water, a bank account or electricity, the agencies add. They forgot to mention health care. Africa’s mobile youth drive change.

mobile health care in Africa, with mobile health apps free
mobile health care in Africa

This simply translates to “we have phones but we do not have hospitals or roads to hosptals”. Well as mentioned earlier, health apps ‘free’ have the capacity to turn your mobile phone into both a hospital and a pharmacy. How does this work? health apps can connect you with trained medical practitioners from all around the world, give you easy access to an enormous library of diseases, causes and solutions. In this article, i’ll be talking to you about the best health apps out there. They’re developed in Cameroon, but they’re available for use anywhere.

  1. Waspito
Mobile health apps, Introducing waspito

Waspito is a telehealth mobile app, that pulls the entire healthcare ecosystem into one platgorm with objective to make basic healthcare more accessible and affordable. With waspito, you can access the services of a certified doctor from the very comfort of your home. The mobile app has recorded a sound Five thousand downloads on the Google PlayStore, earning a 4.6 rating this far. If you’re in Europe, Asia or USA, these numbers don’t quite mean “success”; but in the AfroCameoonian context, the numbers are pretty encouraging. With Waspito, you can get health care without moving a step. Let’s take a look at some exceptional features of Waspito.

mobile health apps free, waspito
mobile health apps free, waspito


  • Select from a pool of thousands of certified medical Doctors from different specialties and have a Video call visit to get the care that you need from where ever you may be. e.g. your home.
  • Receive your prescription on your phone in the form of a pdf file that you can print anytime.
  • Get health tips from waspito’s rich pool of healthcare-related articles written by a team made up of only healthcare practitioners.
  • Through waspito’s interactive discussions’ forum, you can comment and ask questions; while answers to your questions are provided by healthcare experts who run the forums.
  • Search waspito’s database of Pharmacies to know which is closest to you.
  • Locate and place orders for your drugs on waspito, and have them delivered to you anywhere, be it in the village or in the city.
  • Search from waspito’s database of medical laboratories to know which is closest to you if you need to go and get some tests done.

Waspito simply brings healthcare to your home. Not feeling too well? why not visit the “waspito” today? download the app here. One more thing, the waspito mobile app is in both english and french, a bilingual hospital. Many real world hospitals aren’t. Also check out this video, to find out more on how to use waspito.

mobile health apps, how to use waspito

2. Meudocta

mobile health apps free, Meudocta
mobile health apps free, Meudocta

Meudocta is a health mobile app which offers you a doctor in your pocket (specialists and general practitioners), everywhere and at anytime. Meudocta is a still in beta, but has managed to get over ten thousand downloads on the Google PlayStore, gaining a 4.3 rating. With this mobile app, you do not even need to register before you can talk to a doctor. Meudocta is outstanding for the following;


With Meudocta,

  • You can directly reach a doctor for Medical emergencies such as convulsing children, burns etc…
  • Stop self medication or random online searches online, just ask for the help of a doctor on any medical issue.
  • Add and keep track of your medical prescriptions; set reminders for when you need to take your drugs.
  • Find any information you need on any drug, just search for the drug in there.
  • Receive alerts and medical notifications on updates such as; blood bag availability, all-night pharmacies, etc…
  • Locate the nearest medical services (pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, etc…).
  • Take part in interactive forums chaired by health experts and practitioners. Pose your questions and get answers.

Join the beta community of Meudocta today, download the mobile app here.

Are we not fortunate? To have people working daily to make sure that we get the best health care services from our homes. You may not be able to rely on these health apps for surgery or child birth, but they have the solution to that malaria or “running stomach”. I’ll undertand if you stopped reading now inorder to go download your favorite of the apps or both. You’re free, go on! You can also read more about Apps that are reshaping health care in Africa here. If you want more from mobile apps at home? check out this article on how to watch movies online for free on your mobile phone.

I hope you found this article helpful, if you did please show me some love by liking and sharing this article with your friends on social media. The share buttons are at the buttom of this page. Don’t forget to tell me which of the above apps you’re going to download, or if you’ll honestly prefer to play it safe by sticking to the real life hospital. Feel free to share on thoughts in the comments, at the very buttom of the page. You can also find more interesting articles on this blog, do well to read and enjoy yourself.

Thank you for reading, Boujique.

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