The best 5 apps that will improve on your vocabulary

The best 5 apps that will improve your Vocabulary

Did you know that Words are the currency of Communication?. You’re talking to a person, then they use a word that you do not seem to wrap your head around, how does that feel? Awkward right? When you’re an English speaker, native or not; You must ask yourself; “how good is my vocabulary?”. I’m not here to answer that question for you. Even if I wanted to, I can’t; considering this is only a blog article and not some questionnaire. At least I believe if you’re reading this article, you must have some desire to want to improve on your vocabulary.

using vocabulary apps to improve on your vocabulary
using vocabulary apps to improve on your vocabulary

New to vocabulary building apps?

By Vocabulary, I’m referring to the body or host of words used in a specific language, in this case, the English language. You’re probably a great fan of the language, but how much of it can you really claim to know? I read a lot of articles or books from several sources, a number of times I get really lost in reading, because of one or two uncanny words that were employed.

In such a situation, I immediately run to my favorite vocabulary app for help. You may think I do this because of my intense love for mobile apps, which is true; but sometimes these apps for vocabulary can be really helpful. A lot of times, the use of words could be somewhat off-putting. Anytime you feel confused by the use of a “strange” English word in this article, please rush to your dictionary. You can’t afford to miss out on a true grasp of this content.

Why improve your vocabulary?

Vocabulary building apps
reading a book, learning new words

Here’s why building your vocabulary is important; I assume you’re probably more interested in finding a job, making money, building a career. As such, you might think that reading about improving your vocabulary is a waste of your time. You might also think that reading this article is a waste of your time, well I believe you should also know that amongst the skills you need, language is the most important. From Schools to the Job interviews to the Workplace, specific vocabulary follows you. While grammar is ultimate for language, vocabulary is as important. Read more about Understanding Vocabulary. Luckily, we have apps for vocabulary.

apps for improving vocabulary
apps for improving vocabulary

Why read this post to the end?

The objective of this article is to highlight the possible best vocabulary building apps for students and everyone else. How would you rate your vocab on a score of 1 to 10? With the help of these apps for improving vocabulary, you can go from “0” to “9,5” on your vocabulary score. I personally use one these on a daily bases, but I took out time to try a number of other vocabulary apps on the app market. This was in order to hand-pick the best vocabulary building apps for you.

The “triage” of these vocabulary apps was no easy feat. My personal thoughts and impression weren’t sufficient to make the sort for my list. Thus, I had to consider the performance/statistics from popular app markets (Google Play Store). At least, we know that the numbers don’t lie. Read carefully, and make your pick. Here’s the top 5, for you;

1- Meriam webster dictionary app;

Meriam Webster Dictionary, Vocabulary apps
Meriam Webster Dictionary, Vocabulary apps

Meriam Webster dictionary is America’s most useful and respected dictionary. No doubt there’s over 10 million downloads of the mobile app version, to prove that. Having a dictionary app like this one on your mobile phone, gives you access to about 500,000 words, all sitting in your pocket. Meriam Webster app comes with more than just half a million words, it also brings some remarkable features to the table. This is why it’s picked up a rating of 4.6 from over half a million reviewers (one word for each reviewer) on the Google PlayStore.

Features of Meriam Webster Dictionary

Meriam Webster Vocabulary game
Meriam Webster Vocabulary game

Components of the Meriam Webster dictionary app that are of interest to us include;

  • Word Search: Make use of both voice and text searches to quickly find words
  • Word of the day: Learn a new word every day
  • Recent words: Find recently searched words
  • Favorite words: Keep track of your favorite words.
  • Synonyms and antonyms for all the words you find, another way to learn new wordss.

Hold on, that’s not all. The above features might already suffice to make Meriam Webster Dictionary a lead vocabulary building app. Yet the real flair comes with it’s very addictive “Games” feature. The highlight of the Games unit, is the “HOW STRONG IS YOUR VOCABULARY?” game.

This is a simple quiz game, that displays a word, then lists four proposed synonyms for the word. Your task is to pick the right synonym, with a simple screen tap. The engine evaluates your pick and gives you immediate feedback. The process goes on for a series of 10 distinct words. You are then given a score at the end of each play. A minimum score is required to unlock the next levels of the game. These quizzes allow you to learn new words and test your vocabulary.

It’s not just the quality of the words, quizzes, and games that marks me, it’s also the app’s user interface that keeps me coming. Download the Meriam Webster Dictionary App here today to take your vocabulary to the height it deserves. Meriam Webster definitely deserves to be your vocabulary building favorite app.

2. Improve English: Vocabulary, Grammer, Flashcards ( App

Improve English, Vocabulary builder app
Improve English, Vocabulary builder app

If you’re a word enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the platform. Yours is probably one of the 1 million-plus downloads I see on the Google PlayStore. If you didn’t know about, let me introduce you to the Award-winning app that improves not only vocabulary but English as a whole, for its users. helps you learn and practice Vocabulary, Grammar, and Math with the help of bite-sized courses, visual flashcards, adaptive quizzes, and games. Be careful with the games, they could keep you up all night.

Outstanding qualities

Features of Improve English, Vocabulary builder
Features of Improve English, Vocabulary builder
  • The use of visual aids for long term memory. does it like no other, this feature marked me. The developer team found a perfect way to match every new word you learn to some environment, which (without going into many psycho-biological details) helps you retain better.
  • Playing Games: Is there a better way to learn, but to learn while playing? offers very addictive scientifically designed games for you.
  • Courses: If you don’t want to play games, no worries! has courses for you. Well organized vocabulary courses arranged in levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Journey: Begin a transformative journey that helps you achieve your goals with This feature include; Learning English for the Workplace, for Job interviews,
  • Daily digests of bonus learning
  • Quizzes made available for effective learning

Download the app here today, watch you vocabulary go up!

3. Grammarly:

Grammarly, vocabulary builder app
Grammarly, vocabulary builder app

You must now think “hey, Grammarly is for grammar correction, how does help for vocabulary?”. Well if Grammarly features on my list, it more than deserves its place. I use Grammarly on a daily bases, especially for my articles. If this article is somewhat appealing to you as you read, we can both thank Grammarly for that. The Grammarly Keyboard goes where you go to make sure your writing always looks great.

Why Grammerly could be your favorite vocabulary building app

Why Grammarly should be your favorite vocabulary builder
Why Grammarly should be your favorite vocabulary builder
  • Synonyms: Grammarly offers you a significant array of synonyms for the words you type in your text, for you to choose from. Grammarly synonyms are a great way to improve your vocabulary, as they expose you to a significant pull of words in a specific context.
  • Vocabulary enhancements: Grammarly enhances your vocabulary as you type. As you key in words, it proposes perfect alternatives to the words you type in. How else can you learn, but learn while doing?
  • Corrections: Say the “wrong” word and get taunted, or you can preferably type this word into your Grammarly keyboard, and receive appropriate corrections. The choice is yours. Receive short, clear explanations for every correction from Grammarly.
  • Understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future
  • Personal Dictionary: A personal dictionary is always tantamount to learning new words. Grammarly offers you a personal dictionary, in your keyboard.

I feel like they’re doing too much work. All these and more for absolutely no cost. I can imagine what Grammarly premiums could offer. Download the app for free here, type with the right vocabulary henceforth!

4. Vocabulary builder

Vocabulary builder app, Rishabh
Vocabulary builder app, Rishabh

Reputed for its default dark theme, the Vocabulary builder from Rishabh Education aims to aid in improving the English vocabulary of its users, without causing information overload. This explains why this vocabulary app is extremely lightweight, being the smallest app on my list in terms of size (only 3.0MB). This vocabulary builder is not only awesome for learning new words, but it is also very useful for exams such as SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, CAT, etc. The app uses a text to speech engine for pronunciation. It is therefore highly recommended to download the Google Text To Speech Engine for the best experience.

Outstanding Features

Screenshot Image
Features of the Vocabulary builder, black theme.
  • Compete Online: Take part in online vocab contests, to top the leaderboards and step-up your own personal word mastery.
  • Word Of The Day feature, which adds a new word each day. The words are retrieved from a database of carefully selected words that are relevant and useful.
  • Multiplayer Quiz
  • Customizable Quiz – Choose quiz source, type, number of questions, and time per question. Set your own pace to learn and improve your vocabulary
  • Random display feature – This feature displays a Word at random, along with usage and example. Use this feature to learn new words at random, while trying to make a connection between them.
  • Search words.

Download vocabulary builder (black) here today, see your vocabulary move to a new level in no time.

5. Magoosh Vocabulary builder

Magoosh Vocabulary builder app
Magoosh Vocabulary builder app

Last but not least on my list is the Vocabulary builder app from Magoosh. With its distinct violet-green appearance, Magoosh affirms to have over 5 million students using the app to improve on their GRE vocabulary. GRE is designed to help graduate schools determining which applicants will be a good fit for advanced academic work. Find out more about the GRE exam here. Magoosh app for vocabulary lets you quiz yourself every day, to learn the 1200 most important words on the GRE test!. This is a big opportunity for your vocabulary level to go way up!.

Why Magoosh is Outstanding

Features of the Magoosh Vocabulary builder
Features of the Magoosh Vocabulary builder

Here’s why Magoosh features on our top 5 list of vocabulary apps.

  • Magoosh is one of the best vocabulary apps for students, if not the best.
  • Provides expert definitions and sample sentences for the use of each word you learn.
  • Word quizzes for GRE, ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, exams, organized in distinct levels; beginner through intermediate to advanced levels. Beat levels to unlock new words.
  • Track your progress as you grow your vocabulary

It is worth highlighting that the Magoosh vocabulary builder app counts 5 million downloads and more, from the Google Playstore. Join millions of students today, download Magoosh vocabulary builder here.

Read more amazing stories of mobile apps here.

We’ve come to the end of our list, thanks for sticking around. Which of these apps are you sticking with? share you thoughts with us in the comments section, at the very buttom of this page. (scroll down). Also, do not forget to follow this blog so you don’t miss out on any new interesting content. Please reward this post with a like and a share.

Thank you, Boujique.

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  1. I can say even though I’m not the reading type or interested in vocabulary, I sure will want to be more conscious and concerned about my vocabulary skills hence forth.


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