7 super apps that make google a blessing to its users
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7 super apps that make Google a blessing to its users

Are you a little shocked by the headline? Here’s a question for you; When’s something a blessing to you? To me, anything is a blessing if it offers a priceless service to me, a service that is so valuable that I cannot pay for – even if it comes at some cost. Don’t you feel blessed to have apps? I do. They’re just like a gift from God! Like a baby to his/her mother. 

I have more than a thousand reasons to believe that Google, through its apps, is a blessing to its customers (you and me). I only have time for seven today. Google offers apps whose services are priceless, but they’re available to us for free. While other companies will charge you for a tiny little bit of service they offer on their apps, Google lets you have the best quality technologies, at absolutely no cost!

The worst part is, The funny part of this story is, many mobile phone users never take advantage of these gifts from Google. It will surprise you how many people choose to pay for WPS office, over free Google docs. I hope to have made a small change to this fact through this article, by creating and exploring a list of seven super apps that make Google a blessing to you and me.

Why “Fantastic Seven”?

Remember The Fantastic Four? a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Google Docs, Google Lens, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Classroom; these are the seven superheroes of the app industry. They’re my Fantastic Seven apps. These apps do what ten years ago, was practically impossible. 

Here’s my Fantastic seven app list from google

1. Google Docs

Hands up if your the kind of person who types assignments or projects on your phone! The first thing you probably do when you get a new phone; is to head to the play store and download WPS Office for your documents. Did you know that the Google docs app is already always installed on your phone? With Google docs, you can;

  • Create, Open, edit, and save Word documents.
  • Work anywhere, anytime – even offline
  • Add and respond to comments.
  • Never worry about losing your work โ€“ everything is saved automatically as you type.
  • Research, right in Docs with Explore

Google docs is number one on my “fantastic seven” apps list. I’d recommend it anytime, anywhere!

2. Google Lens

I recently wrote a full piece about Google Lens and how it lets its users search content across the internet with images – instead of the usual text. You can read all about it here! With Google Lens, you can search for almost anything on the internet if you have its picture. Lens is such a powerful but free technology you’ll be carrying around in your pocket. That’s why it’s my Fantastic app No2.

3. Google Calendar

How does a Calendar app get to be a “fantastic app,” and how can I call it a blessing? Well, if you often have busy days where you have to deal with school work, blogging, and coding like I have to, you might tend to worship your Calendar app. I didn’t mean that literally; I’m sure you know what I mean. 

Google Calendar is my Fantastic app No3. It serves me as a Todolist system, an alarm system, a time, and an activity management system. Thanks to Google Calendar, I can easily keep track of my classes, assignments, exams, formal and informal meetings, webinars, blogging schedule, etc. This app also features on my list of the best five apps for happy student life. Do check that article here!

4. Google meet

It’s seemingly impossible to write an article these days without mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic. A huge part of learning now takes place online. Besides studies, a lot of events – meetings, seminars, workshops, concerts, etc. now happen online as well. If you’re not using Google Meet for your online events, you’re missing out on something. 

Google meet has been of so much help to me, my mates, my potential employers, and my interviewees. When the network situation in my country manages to be stable, I can testify to a wonderful personal experience with Google meet. It’s lightweight, so easy to use, so efficient, so free, and so my Fantastic app No4.

5. Google drive

Recently Google One offered 15GB of free cloud storage to all of its users, even those with free membership accounts. You can read all about that offer in this article. This time its about Google drive though, another one of Google’s products that gives you almost free cloud storage. I use Google drive not just to secure but also to manage most of my important documents. The Google Drive app simplifies the whole concept of cloud storage to the point that you do not even have to worry about where your data really is. 

I can always access my data wherever and whenever I want it. It’s also lightweight, so easy to use, and so free. If you can purchase a premium membership account, I more than encourage you to do so. I’ve made the Google drive app my fantastic app No5. 

6. Google photos

I lost my phone recently. When I got a new one, I started wondering how I was going to recover all of my precious pictures. I had not even taken the time to upload them up to the cloud as a backup. On my birthday, which was about three weeks ago, I opened my Google photos app to see what I could get; so I could post. Behold, I found every one of the pictures I had ever taken with my former device. I was in complete awe. Once again, Google had saved the day. I’ve rewarded Google Photos by making it my Fantastic app No6.

Google Photos is like the best gallery app on the app market. Sorts and groups your pictures like no other app would do.

7. Google Classroom

I recently started making use of this amazing utility thanks to the pandemic. One of my lecturers insisted on using Google Classroom, over the regular WhatsApp that other lecturers were dying for. You can guess what the comparative learning outcome was. That happened to be the only course I enjoyed last semester. 

Google Classroom can single-handedly transform e-learning. It is the perfect virtual classroom for any student. Manage your lectures, assignments, exams, etc. It’s more than embarrassing that I only found out about this year. That’s one of the positive benefits of the current pandemic for me – learning new technologies. After last semester’s experience with the Google Classroom app, I made it my Fantastic app No7.

One last thing!

This list is not even close to being the complete list of Google’s products available on the app markets for free, the likes of – Google messaging, Google hangouts, Google files, Google pdf view, Google Chrome, etc. The list is a long one. I just explained seven of the thousands of reasons why I think Google is a “blessing” to its users. I just dished shared my “Fantastic Seven.”

Which of these “Fantastic seven” apps is your “Fantastic one”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. If you enjoy the article, please share it with your friends on social media. Thank you for reading and sharing!

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  1. This is quite brilliant… Keep it up buddy…๐Ÿ™
    I’ll have to reread it to be able to know which of your fantastic seven is my fantastic one๐Ÿ˜‚

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