best christmas apps to make your season amazing
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best 5 Christmas apps to make your season memorable

“It’s Christmas! It’s the season for miracles. Everything is just so quiet around me, but I believe there’s gotta be some excitement on your end. You must be looking for ways to make this season memorable. I mean, it’s the season of our lives, right? Thinking about the best Christmas apps to help make your season memorable?

The Christmas season could be exciting yet challenging. You want to pick the right gifts for your loved ones, travel home to meet your family, select the best food recipes, decorate your house and Christmas tree, etc. There’s just so much to be done, yet done right. I figured, even though now’s the season for Christmas, it’s always the season for apps.

What can we seriously do without some of these beauties, apps? There are just so many Christmas apps out there. That’s why you’re lucky to have me. I’ve taken some time to do little research on the best apps for you this season. Let’s jump on to them!

1. African Recipes: All Africa Food Offline Free. 

Cover art
download the African recipes app from Google play Store

Don’t know what to cook for Christmas? Maybe you do, but you still do not know how to cook some particular dish that you admire so much? Marvel your family this season, use the African recipes app! African Food Recipes brings you to an offline bunch of authentic, tasty recipes from African Cuisine. Learn to cook the famous kachumbari salad and spicy paprika, piri, ndole, achu dishes. 

Strange dishes mentioned there? Download the app, try something new. Remember, it’s the season for fun. Have fun cooking!

2. Wikihow 

Screenshot Image
download the wikihow app from the Google playstore

Wikihow is not exactly a Christmas app, just like the recipes app just discussed. I’m not surprised that you’re surprised to see Wikihow on my list. I know how popular it is and that most people use it every day. Nonetheless, Christmas is a season for “how-to’s.” We’re all wondering how to; bake a cake, decorate a Christmas tree, wash a carpet, pick a gift, etc. Get the answers to your how-to’s on Wikihow. 

I remember last year’s Christmas when my Sisters decided not to come home. I was left all alone with my mum, trying to figure out how to do what. We almost gave up on baking any cake until I found Wikihow. My cake threw everyone off their feet, thanks to wikiHow’s recipe. 

Well, it’s happening again this year; no one’s coming home for Christmas. Not to worry, we have WikiHow

3. Punchbowl — Online Invitations & Digital Cards

Screenshot Image
download punchbowl from the Google Play Store

Christmas is a period of reunion between family and friends. How nice of you to clean up and cook something for your guests. When it’s time to send out some invitations, download punchbowl, you’ll love it!

The app allows you to easily create colorful digital invitations and greetings cards for any event, for free. You can also send them via email or text. You can pick from thousands of available designs and keep track of your guest list in real-time, so you can follow-up if someone is taking too long. 

Why I love punchbowl: 

  • They offer Popular categories including Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Graduation, Weddings, Save-the-Dates, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s & more.
  • Touch-friendly controls make it simple to input party details. Add a photo to select designs & import pictures from your Gallery.
  • Quickly build your Guest List with convenient import options from your Contacts. Send invites to guests by email or text message while Keeping track of RSVPs in real-time from the app.

The list goes on and on. Check out the punchbowl app, and find out for yourself. 

4. Elf yourself

Screenshot Image
download “elfyourself” from the Google Playstore

Another interesting way to have so much fun during Christmas is to “Elf Yourself.” Elf Yourself is an app that lets you upload faces of yourself or your friends, which it uses to make really-fun videos. You’ll enjoy the created videos, while you can also share them with others on social media. 

Add up to five faces of friends or family members. Select a dance, and watch the app produce a hilarious elf dancing video that you can share on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, etc. It’s so easy, you should absolutely try it out this Christmas!

Since it’s the season for merry, we’ll not go much into the “augmented reality” technology behind this application. Though if you are a techie like me, you should definitely read it. ElfYourself is FREE to download and enjoy. Some dances are free, but most require a purchase to unlock. You can purchase dances individually or get our Season Pass to access all content and remove ads for 12 months! It’s so good, you won’t even remember the price after the purchase.

5. The Christmas List App

Screenshot Image
download the Christmas List app from the Google play store

January is always the toughest month for many people. That’s because they spend recklessly during Christmas, and forget to save for the later. As much as I want this year’s Christmas to be exceptional for you, I also don’t want you to die in January.  

That’s why I couldn’t leave out the Christmas List App. This should probably have been the first app on my list. ChristmasListApp is your smart and fun solution to set a budget for Christmas, set your expenditure goals, and track your expenses. Create Christmas gift lists, share them with family and friends, claim items to purchase. 

Their amazing customer service, user-friendly design, gift ideas and solutions, and shop list management tools will absolutely thrill you. Cook, meet and, share this season, but let the Christmas list app take care of your January. 

Bonus: Moon pig app

Screenshot Image
download the moon pig app from the google play store

Sending greetings cards to my loved ones this season brings me so much joy. It’s one important way of making my Christmas memorable. Unfortunately, I find it so hard to pick the right pictures, the right design, the right text, etc. With the moon pig app, I can just make my own Christmas cards from scratch. 

The Moonpig app is so much more than an online shopping app; they take pride in helping people turn something as simple as a piece of paper into a message of care. They’re here to make this Christmas the most personal and heartfelt it can be. 

Did you enjoy my bonus? If you didn’t, go back and read it again. If you did, feel free to tell me all about it in the comments (at the very bottom of this page).

No excuses this time!

  • learn how to do anything (on wikiHow’s app),
  • how to cook anything ( on the African recipes app),
  • manage your expenses (on Christmas list app),
  • create and share greetings cards (on moonpig’s app),
  • have fun by creating elf videos (on “Elf Yourself” app),
  • create and share digital invitations and lots of other fun stuff ( on punchbowl’s app),

Don’t have enough money to watch Christmas movies on Netflix, I have an alternative, Yabadoo. Check it out here! Also, remember to stay safe and healthy from home, this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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