About us

Hello people,  Lah’s DIGITAL  WORLD is just a blog created by Boujique Joel which aims at showcasing innovative skills and ideas as far as digital electronics is concerned in order to offer our own little contribution to help especially  we Africans grow and get better with the digital  world .

Here we’ll  be talking  much about digital electronics such as computers, smartphones, televisions, radios  etc… Given the remarkable  advancement in the computer and smartphone world,  we shall dwell a little more on these.

We hope to give you our very best as far as knowledge and fun are concerned. We’ll  be bringing  quite innovative, creative and interesting  articles very often, to keep you updated with the above fields.

We hope you enjoy your time with us, please and always feel very free to like, comment and subscribe… we’re   looking  forward to spending an awesome time with you.

Thanks for reading. … Boujique Joel