Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology
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Xiaomi promises a world where everything will be wireless, is this possible?

Xiaomi: "Forget about cables and charging stands with revolutionary Mi Air Charge Technology." They want to offer us a world where everything in the room is truly wireless. Is this possible? Find out more in this article

Electronics, SMARTPHONES

Monitor your Phone’s data usage with a Mobile data usage widget

Find out how you can monitor/track your phone's mobile data usage using a simple widget. Use this information to reduce your data consumption rate


Digital vs Analogue African mind: contrast

Humans have greatly evloved from the creation, to the Era of computing... moving from pebbles to punchcards, to simple calculators, to large computerse and to smarphones today. With the introduction of digital electronics, life has seemingly been made some little easier. In Africa, the evolution has been quite remarkable too. Today, about 6 out of… Continue reading Digital vs Analogue African mind: contrast