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TiC SUMMIT Cameroon, the biggest youth tech event of the year 2021 is here.

I just found out that monkeys are capable of learning how to use Computers, and even play a game. They’re so similar to human beings in their willingness and anxiety to learn.

A learning opportunity has come, one which allows you, a secondary school students from across the country to learn a new skill, while solving a pertinent problem for their communities.

I’ve always wanted to add some value to my community, to feel valued and useful; even as a secondary school child. Unfortunately, I never enjoyed such an opportunity, to make a small impact around me.

Today, you have the chance as a secondary student to make an impact in your community. A chance to make use of technology to solve a problem that can change people’s lives, at your very young age.

It’s TiC SUMMIT 💻 time. A time when secondary students across the country  come together to learn technology skills, while solving real problems for their communities. From the 1st of February to the 9th of April this year, we’re on to a fascinating challenge.

TiC summit is Cameroon’s first and finest innovation challenge for secondary school students, which aims at inspiring over 10,000 students across the country to solve their community’s challenges.


You have the opportunity to join over 100,000 fellow secondary students from across all the 10 regions of Cameroon. You too can be a part of this great event, an event that gives you the power to change the world.

To participate in the TiC Summit 2021, you should think of a creative solution to a problem around you. Yes, open up that box and enter the realm of imagination. It’s time to innovate.

There must be some problem that affects you directly or indirectly today. With technology, we can coin the solution to almost any problem our society is facing. That’s what TiC Summit 2021 is calling on you to do.

You hate long lines at school, banks, public offices? That’s a problem. You’re community has difficult road access to hospitals, markets? That’s another problem. Your school is lacking teachers in some subjects such as Computer Science? One more problem for you to think about.

Get in touch with your inner creativity, pick out that problem that really hurts you, and figure out a way to solve it with technology (your computer, your smartphone, Arduino board, etc.).

Your goal henceforth is to leverage technology,  to bring an end to a pertinent pain in your community. The world is dying to see your solution, and TiC Summit is your golden plate.Join us today.

TECH INNOVATIVE (TIC) SUMMIT 2021, Starts February 1st.

As you reflect on your idea, bare in mind that your solution could allow you to compete with 100 selected students from other schools, where you stand a chance to win really cool prices, including a trip to Yaounde to represent your school.

Follow this link to join the WhatsApp Forum, where all other interesting and important information concerning this event will be communicated to you.

This is a learning experience for you, so do not bother too much about your current skills. You can do almost anything, if you have the will to learn. Remember, the ultimate goal is to better our communities. Hurry and join the community today, miss not this diamond opportunity!

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